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After graduating from Cagaloglu Anatolian High School in 1998, I got into Marmara University Faculty of Dentistry. In 2004, I completed a hard education and started my PhD education at Yeditepe University, Prosthetic Dentistry. In 2009, I completed my postgraduate with the grade of ‘Honor’ and I became a specialist doctor. I have worked for 7 years as prosthetist specialist in a private dental hospital. In 2011, I returned to the faculty again because of the desire for academic study and I established Istanbul Aydin University Prosthesis Department. During my 3 years of assistant professorship; to teach lesson and to carry on studies about the projects that I prepared, was the most enjoyable process of my career. In 2015, I separated from the university with the aim of carrying out my academic studies from the outside and I worked for 1 year at a dental hospita . By the way, I have had 2 boys and I have made actual my request to open my own clinic that I had dreamed of for years because I felt that I was at the peak of my professional experience.


Throughout my professional life I took care to apply the correct and ethical treatment plan. Since I graduated in 2004, I am a member of EDAD (Aesthetic Dentistry Academy). I have actively participated in many congresses and presentations both at domestic and abroad, besides I took part in many courses outside of my own branch. I made a lot of oral and written issue in international and abroad congresses. I have always loved both my academic and clinical career. I am very glad to be serve, in my clinic since April 2016.

It is a great pleasure for me to be with my family when I do not work, to travel by motorcycle at odd times and read recent publications about my profession. I would also like to say; I and my dear husband general surgeon  Our biggest goal is to make these sports together when our children grow up. We are very happy to discover nature at deepest and at highest.