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Dental Health in Pregnancy

Dental Health in Pregnancy

It is the most appropriate period in terms of dental treatment from 4th to 7th month. In the first and last 3 months of pregnancy, the teeth that require emergency treatment are treated.

The Importance of Oral Health in Pregnancy

In pregnancies who has poor oral care and gum bleeds may develop gestational tumors in their gums. In addition, in pregnancies who has abort risk, if the oral hygiene is bad, the risk may increase. Because of some physiological changes pregnancy is a sensitive period. Due to hormonal changes, the gums become sensitive and gum disease increases. Due to nausea and vomiting, oral hygiene sidetracked and there is an increase in tooth decay due to increase mouth acidity.

Anesthesia can be easily performed to the teeth of the patients if the patient does not have any allergies and there is no problem in the progress of the pregnancy. Thus, tooth treatments are more comfortable and painless.

Dental X-ray

X-ray is not very preferred, but if it is absolutely necessary, the patient will be interviewed with a gynecologist and the patient is worn a lead apron and teeth x-ray can be taken.

Against Loss of Teeth in Pregnancy…

There are two important things you need to do not to lose teeth in pregnancy:

1.     If you have a planned pregnancy, you should definitely go to the dentist before pregnancy and treat all the teeth that will cause problems during pregnancy. Such as decayed teeth, dental bridges and prostheses, buried teeth, and tartar that can lead to gum disease…  If you have an unplanned pregnancy, you should still go to a dentist and have to clean the tartars, which can lead to gum disease. Your physician should do your oral care and make regular dental check-ups to help you.

2.   More care should be given to oral care and feeding during pregnancy. Especially, the foods that may cause decay should not be consumed too often. The teeth must be brushed twice a day and dental floss should be used once a day. Warm salt water mouthwash is also very useful.

For your baby’s tooth health…

Good nutrition in pregnancy is important both for mother and baby health. Baby’s tooth development starts from the first months of your pregnancy. For healthy tooth development, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin-rich foods should be nourished.