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Endodontic Treatment

Endodontic Treatment (Root Canal Treatment)

In the middle of the teeth there is a part called pulp (tooth extract). Pulp is a structure composed of nerves and vessels. This structure provides dental sensitivity and nutrition. The pulp will not be able to repair itself , and when it is damaged, so the endodontic treatment is needed. Removing the damaged pulp and to replace it with artificial materials is called endodontic treatment. If the damaged pulp is not removed, the tooth and surrounding tissues are exposed to infection. At the end, you can lose your teeth completely.

What are the causes of toothache? In order to find the cause of the pain, intraoral and radiological examination is necessary. The most common cause is damage to the tooth pulp (dental nerve). Pain can also be caused by the gum. Gum-related pain is disturbing; but it is not as intolerable as pulp inflammation. Less common causes of pain; pain reflected to the tooth from muscular pain, pain reflected by sinusitis, and buried teeth. Treatment is also effective if the cause is known correctly. Intolerable painful dental treatment should be primarily endodontic therapy. The tooth extraction is the last solution.

How is endodontic therapy done, are there new techniques?

Tooth decay is cleared. The first target is to find pulp channels. The length of the channels is calculated by taking an x-ray. This calculation is done with the help of a apex locator perfectly. The root canal is then expanded and cleaned. The root canal is expanded with automatic tools that are the same in canal size but expand in diameter. In every tool change, the canal is washed with gel and disinfectant in liquid form. This procedure is completed in about 15 minutes for the minor teeth. X-rays are taken for the second time before the canal is filled. If possible, only one session endodontic treatment is finished.

Automatic tools and apex locator devices provided dentists to treat canals much more quickly and effectively.