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Laser is ionizing light. There is no such harm as an X-ray. It can be used for all operations of the dentist. Dental lasers; hard tissue and soft tissue are used separately as the laser. During the cleaning tooth decay and tooth extraction, bone cutting is done with hard tissue laser. However, the laser processing time is longer. The flushing process, which takes 1-2 minutes with the conventional method, can take up to 20 minutes with the laser.

The soft tissue laser is not longer in the laser processing time than the classical method. The most important advantage is that the recovery at the end of the process is very fast. Because the laser kills the bacteria at the same time during the application. Bleeding is very rare at the end of surgery. Pain and swelling do not occur because trauma is created very little. Often, there is no need to suture.

Use in pink aesthetics: The most important operation of aesthetic dentistry with soft tissue laser is ‘pink aesthetic’. Level differences between the gums are corrected. Healing with laser is very fast. Measure can be taken immediately after pink aesthetic application. If classical surgery is to be applied, it is necessary to wait for a month to recover.

Use in canal treatment: It has been seen that the healing of the root canals treated with root lesions is faster. Because it has laser biostimulation feature. In this way, the canal disinfection and biostimulation are performed in places that cannot be reached with channel tools, therefore healing is accelerated.

Use in tooth whitening: The laser activation power is utilized. It is applied by application of suitable bleaching agents and then laser activation. The heat that is released is less. The trained physician and staff can apply the laser. Protectors must be used absolutely when laser is applied.