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Tooth malocclusion adversely affects the aesthetic appearance; decay and gum problems can be seen because the teeth cannot be cleaned well. Orthodontics should take the first place in the treatment of malocclusion both in terms of health and aesthetics. If there are any disorders in the color of the teeth or in the alignment of the teeth, it may be necessary to make aesthetic laminate and orthodontic treatment together. Orthodontics may also be necessary before implant treatment. Suitable bone space for the implant is provided by orthodontics.


This treatment method has brought a whole new perspective to orthodontics. The tooth malocclusion is first treated on a computer program. In order to achieve this proper tooth alignment, individual transparent plaques are produced by the computer. It has a regular tooth arrangement designed by plaques that change every two weeks. Reinforcement treatment is also performed with these plaques.

Ceramic brackets

Bracket are interval pieces that are glued on the teeth and hold the arc wire. These brackets are metal in standard orthodontic treatment. However, ceramic brackets provide a more aesthetic appearance. Selecting the teflon coated arc wire in front of the brackets can be remove away from the metal image.

Lingual brackets

It is applied with brackets glued to the inner surfaces of the teeth ‘without anyone seeing the wires’. The no appearance of the brackets on the frontal surface of the teeth provides a chance for people who has aesthetic concerns to be treated without problems. However, the tongue get is more difficult to adapt.

Covered brackets (Quick Orthodontic Treatment)

Through the covered brackets, orthodontic treatment has become much faster and more comfortable. The covered brackets do not require the use of ligature wire between the arc wire and the bracket. Less wires appear in the patient’s mouth.