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What is Pedodontics?

Pedodontics (Pediatric Dentistry) is concerned with the healthy preservation of the primary and permanent teeth of children aged 0-13 years.

In measures to prevent tooth decay, great importance is given to educating the child and his or her family about oral health and nutrition. In our clinic, our patients are told to tooth brushing technique practically. Protective dentistry applications also include superficial fluoride and fissure sealant treatments. Flor strengthens the tooth enamel and protects against acid attacks, thus helping to prevent the formation of tooth decay.

Place holders

Placeholder is used as protect the permanent tooth position that will come from below in early disorder of the dentition. Place holders are devices that allow adjacent teeth to move in the pullout cavity and thus protection permanent teeth or move out of a different location, thus preventing future orthodontic disturbances.

Under what conditions are children’s treatments? The first examination in a child’s case begins with communicating with both the child and the child’s parents. After you meet the patient’s medical and dental story are taken. It is then passed to the clinical and radiographic examination. After these steps, the patient and the related family member are informed about diagnosis and treatment planning.