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Sinus Lifting

Sinus Lifting

Sinus lift operation is an operation to lift the base of the sinus membrane in the back area of the upper jaw. When the molar teeth of the upper jaw are lost early, the maxillary sinus membrane is pushed down due to the negative air pressure and causes the maxilla to rezorb. There is not enough bone length to place the implant. To obtain bone, the membrane of the sinus is gently pushed up and the gap is filled with bone graft material.

Closed Technique

The amount of bone is reduced in the implanted area. However, it is preferable if an upgrade of 3-4 mm is enough. The closed technique is applied while the implant is placed. The amount of bone obtained is less, but enough for the implant. Additional waiting time and second surgery is not required for bone formulation. Only 3 months implant-bone fusion is expected.

Open Technique

If the bone resorption is high level in implanted area, the side wall of the sinus membrane is opened gently. The membrane is pushed upwards as if the sidewall will base, the gap is filled with bone grafting material. It is necessary to wait 6 months for the bone powder and jaw bone to fuse. At the end of 6 months, adequate bone is measured and implant surgery is applied. Both techniques are advanced surgical applications. It is a very easy and short time operation in experienced hands. Even implantation is a routine surgical procedure now. However, as in any procedure, high physician experience, controlled sterilization, use of internationally proven bone powders (graft membranes) is a must for success.  I It is necessary to avoid spitting, hot food eating and drinking during the next 24 hours after this operation. Ice compresses will reduce edema. It is absolutely forbidden to take water to nose and clean the nose with pressure. Sneeze should be done while the mouth is open. Bathing should not be done at high temperatures.