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Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom tooth often remain in the fully buried or half-buried in bone, the existence of which is determined by x-ray. Rarely, it may be a wisdom tooth properly placed in a jaw. There is no need wisdom tooth extraction in correct position. However, it should be extraction if it may damage the tooth next to a wisdom tooth what is bent or trying to be pull. Wisdom tooth that are fully buried in the bone but do not give any pain or discomfort to the patient should be checked by x-ray. It should not be forgotten that every tooth that has been buried may be able to form a cyst.


What are the harms of wisdom tooth?

· They may cause intertwine by compressing the front teeth.

· They can decay when they can not brushed properly and do not participate in chewing, and they can cause decaying in the front teeth.

· They can cause inflammation and cause severe pain and swelling.

· The inflammation in the blood can be life-threating. It has a bad influence on heart, kidney, brain, joints.